About Constance Kellough

Constance Kellough has an extensive background in teaching, facilitation, and speaking.  Over the past 21 years as Founder and Publisher at Namaste Publishing, she has introduced a wide range of spiritual books to the world. She brings to her own approach to Innerbody Meditation a 20-year background with three spiritual teachers: Eckhart Tolle, Barry Long (deceased) and Joel Goldsmith (deceased).

Of these three, her “root” teacher for Innerbody Meditation is Eckhart Tolle.

She met Eckhart in 1997 and at her invitation to him he led her and 8-10 others in Innerbody Meditation for over a year. This “sacred sitting”, which she calls it, started well before Eckhart asked her to be his publisher. Constance agreed and the result is that The Power of NowStillness Speaks, and A New Earth came into being and spread widely across our planet.

While she credits Eckhart Tolle with being her first and most powerful teacher in Innerbody Meditation, through Barry Long she learned how to fully explore the inner body, activate specific energy centers of consciousness within the body, and what certain experiences in doing so meant.

Through experience she knows – and is now teaching –  that it is only by entering the inner energy body that you can go beyond its confines to a state of still peace, to experience the Presence of God within you – as you!!

For more information on Innerbody Meditation and an outline of the Introductory workshop to Innerbody Meditation, please go to www.innerbodymeditation.com

Innerbody Meditation – Introductory Level Workshop

**Highly Interactive and Experiential**



Meet Constance Kellough


Why Meditate?

The Transformative Power of Meditation

What Is Innerbody Meditation, and How Does It Differ from Most Forms of Meditation?

The 5 Portals into the Present Moment

The Treasures to be Found Within the Body

  • Your “inner senses”
  • The nature and power of the physical heart.
  • The Role the Breath Plays in Meditation
  • Natural Breathing – A Practice
  • Witnessing the Breath – A Practice

Setting Up to Meditate

Activity: Introduction to Inner Body Meditation - followed by a debriefing

The Benefits of Meditating in a Group with a Live Teacher.

Activity: Full Guided Innerbody Meditation Practice 1 - followed by a debriefing.

What Is Presence?

Activity: Coming from a State of Presence – Practice 1

What Is Inner Stillness?

Moving from Silence to Stillness – A Practice

Group Activity: What is the difference between Thinking and Awareness?


Everyone breaks for lunch (please bring a lunch or find a quick place to eat)


What is the Pain-body?

Dealing With the Pain-body So We Don’t Fall into Unconsciousness

What Is Tension?

Activity: Speaking and Listening from a State of Presence – Practice 2.

Activity: Full Guided Innerbody Meditation – Practice 2 - followed by debriefing.


This is an opportunity to ask Constance questions, followed by closure for the event.

Shirley Spaxman, Vancouver, Canada

Constance is an outstanding presenter and facilitator. Her depth of knowledge and visionary wisdom is incomparable. She informs, uplifts, and awakens – all while coming from her heart. Her ability to connect with her audience seems magical. What a gift to us all!

Constance Kellough

If we want to change our outer experiences, we first need to change our consciousness. Our level of consciousness will determine what we manifest.


“You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean.” In parallel manner, you exist within the whole field of consciousness, yet you hold all of consciousness within you.

A passage from the UPANISHADS, the Sacred scriptures of India

Inside your body is a shrine. Inside the shrine is the lotus flower. Inside the lotus flower is a tiny space. Inside that tiny space lives the Creator. Inside the Creator is the Universe. Find it, and you will be one with the Creator and all things. Be there, and all things and the Creator will be one with you.

A full day workshop with Constance Kellough

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